Film stock emulation

A look at film stock emulation software 

Kinda cool.  Hard to really say how much practical use it would be.  As some point out in the comments, the Wow effect they get is by showing you a log-type flat image which they then color correct and put grain on.  It's not like the original RED footage would ever be shown to anyone without color correction of some sort applied.

Also it's apparently supposed to be best on RAW footage.  I downloaded the FCPX demo (for use on MOV files), and it's an OK plugin, but it's not the first or only one out there.  Not really useful for the kind of stuff I'm doing at the moment.

One cool idea is from Cine Grain - - they’ll sell you a hard drive with actual scanned film grains and distressed and light-leaked stock. Kinda like running your digital audio through an analog chain to “warm” it up.
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