Here you will find more details about the video and audio on
Audio Demo Reel components and notes:

Original Sound Effects: A brook in the White Mountains of NH; Birds on Catalina Island; Surf and Thunder in Gloucester, MA; a Thunderbird fly-by at the Chicago Air Show;

"Yo Mike" - a tune I made up to go with the Michael Jordan Calendar promotional piece. Originally Gene Silverberg of Bigsby & Kruthers had the idea to put Bakersfield-style country ("like Dwight Yoakam") with MJ (see "Basketballs & Subarus"). Both Michael and I wanted something more funky, so later on I came up with this.

"Manana" - an acoustic number inspired by Ry Cooder.
Download it here.

Lost in the Jungle - an atmospheric bit;

"Farm Bureau 30" - A spunky acoustic number, music for a 30 second spot for the American Farm Bureau, co-written and played with John Brown.

"Gatorade" Demo Spot: Dorn Martell had the idea to do music for a Gatorade spot that was "AC/DC with the witch's castle guards from the Wizard of Oz". This is what I came up with.

Film music excerpts: Some atmospheric ideas from synth-land, and an electric jazzy bit.

"Count On Me": Music written for a United Way fund drive.

Yelling and honking SFX: (one of) The night(s) the Bulls won the Championship. The sound of the general madness on Halsted Street.

Another jazzy bit; an El Train passes; more surf and birds.

"Basketballs and Subarus" notes:

This was a piece sponsored by
Bigsby & Kruthers, the men's clothier-to-the-sports-stars. Joe and Gene Silverberg were shooting a calendar of Michael Jordan, one of their regular clients. Gene had the idea to put Bakersfield-style country ("like Dwight Yoakam") with MJ for the promo. This was certainly a radical pairing: Country had not gained its current level of crossover popularity, and was not, at any rate, associated with basketball players like MJ. I definitely had to hand it to him for chutzpah and creativity, and not going for the obvious thing. I wrote, arranged, produced and played bass.

The track was recorded on 2" 16-track (!) in Evanston by
Steve Rashid, (engineer and harp solos), with T.C. Furlong on pedal steel (always loved pedal steel...), and sometime bandmates from my association with The Bad Examples, Tommy O'Brien on guitar and Terry Wathen, drums. Tasty.

Steve came up with the joking working title, having, I think, to do with the commodification of MJ. He was (and is) a big deal around here.

Download the song here.