Great minds think alike - AJA comes out with their 4k, PL-mount CION (pronounced
scion) as in “scion of an old family”.

With a 4k APS-C sized CMOS global shutter sensor recording full 4k or UHD at 60p, as well as hardware-scaled 2k and 1080, to AJA’s SSD Pak storage units. These are available in 256GB or 512GB sizes, and as such the cost per GB will be considerably less, methinks, than the BM URSA. It is also more shoulder-friendly than the URSA, as it is about half the weight and size, and has a nice cushy leather pad built in.

It may be lighter, smaller and have less expensive media than the URSA, but it is slated to cost about 50% more - $9,000.

One of the nice features is a mechanical back focus adjustment which is accessed via a panel on top.
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